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Hello i like this visual novel, but i not like the end.

Why not add the ending 12?

[ending12 a better future]

A mysterious voice is asking behind.
- Are you satisfied with the future?
I scare you when you hear it, and slowly turned around.
I saw a man in a white shirt and a white hair in his right hand with a white pocket watch.
I'll take some breath before I ask you.
-Who are you and how did you come in?
The mysterious man stepped forward and introduced himself.
Time Wanderer:
- My name is Time Wanderer.
- And I'm just here because they sent me here.
When I ended up I heard a complete confusion.
Who is he who sent and how he got here.
Time Wanderer:
- Now you're thinking about what I'm going to get here?
-What are you doing here?
Time Wanderer:
- First I told you they were sent here.
-I'm only a specialist for such work.
- To change the time line without any disturbance.
-The time line?
Time Wanderer:
-Yes, that.
-You still think I'm just one person among the other people.
-I prove that I show you something.
When he finished his speech, he grabbed my answer and came out to show his pocket watch and pressed the top button after a flash of light.
When the light is gone.
Blurred one orphanage.
When the picture came out I saw the most impossible thing.
The orphanage I lived long ago, but how.
I watched the Wanderer Time Wanderer.
-But how, this is the past?
Time Wanderer:
- And there is one thing that is not a trick.
All of them had picked up my answer first and on my pocket watch
 he pressed the top.
We still have a strong light and now we stand in front of a window of the orphanage.
-This kitchen.
When I say something weird with my voice, so much if I speak but can't die.
Time Wanderer:
-This is my ability not to see and hear us, but if it does happen then the time line is ruined.
-Well, but what time are we now?
Time Wanderer:
- Fire accident.
When I heard my heart get cold.
Time Wanderer:
When Henry wanted a goodbye prank for you, Royer and Mary were with him.
- Later Alice came.
-You know what's coming after.
-The fire....
Time Wanderer:
- We're going back.
It was too late, back to the present with his pocket watch.
When we came back to my apartment, I was just thinking that I wouldn't have done the fire accident.
- Why don't you stop the fire accident?
Time Wanderer:
- Because I shouldn't do this for you.
-I know you don't understand, but only you can change your future.
- And theirs.
-Now you answer them or save them and the fire accident won't happen or stay in the future, and the meeting will happen if we haven't met.

[Save them] [I stay in this future]

I got to ask, which visual novel should I start? Is there series with this novel with your other novels? They all look interesting. ^-^

Hey just decided but im going to do a full gameplay of your game on my channel hope you don´t mind 

By the way amazing game........probably should have started with that......well 

Here is the first episode 


Thank you